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Consulting, Accident Investigation, Expert Witness Services, 

Pole Loading, Other Engineering Software and Training

for electric utilities, telephone, catv, telecom's and consultants



Consulting, Accident Investigation & Expert Witness Services:  Engineering consulting services are available to check &/or verify your existing or proposed pole loading analysis and guy/anchor calculations.  Additional consulting, accident investigation and expert witness services are available in the following areas:  National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) Rules, pole loading analysis, guys & anchors, overhead line design, conductor sag & tension, conductor clearance & blowout requirements, NESC compliance audits, system reliability improvement audits, and line inspections.   Other consulting services include fuse coordination / fault studies, circuit loading, voltage drop analysis, capacitor bank & control recommendations, system inventories, and other miscellaneous engineering services.

Pole Loading Software:  LineDesign Engineering offers PLOAD7, a transverse & vertical pole loading software.  PLOAD7 is an economical pole loading analysis program for overhead pole lines, utilizing the strength & loading requirements of the NESC and GO95.  Also included are column buckling and guying modules.  Click the links above for screen shots.  Recent program changes have added steel, concrete & FRP poles.  Several other enhancements have also been added.

Other Engineering Software:  Additional programs are also available on capacitor calculations, power factor correction, distribution circuit power calculations (kw, kvar, kva, pf), overhead line impedance, per unit impedance, fault currents and transformer calculations.

2017 NESC: PLOAD7 is compliant with the 2017 NESC, as well as GO95 requirements.  The pole buckling summary section has been revised to display additional buckling information.  If you have purchased our pole loading program in the past, you qualify for the "upgrade pricing".  Program updates are free for 1 year from purchase date.  Click here for a list of the most recent program updates =>  Program Updates

Pole Loading Training:  Pole Loading workshops covering the engineering concepts and codes (NESC & GO95), as well as the use of the programs are available.  These workshops can be customized to your needs, and are typically 1-2 days in length, but can be shortened to 2-4 hours if requested.  Contact us for details and quotes.

Features of LineDesign

Engineering's Programs:

  • Simple to use

  • Easy to read output

  • Fast data entry and printing (saves you time)

  • Economically priced (compare our results to programs costing thousands of dollars)

  • Easily customized by the user (or we can customize it for you).

Utilities, consultants & contractors performing pole loading analysis calculations and "make-ready" work for electric, telephone, catv, and telecom companies across the U.S. are using our programs.  LineDesign Engineering can customize or modify our standard program for your company (add your specific company wire data and equipment data to the program tables, so they appear at the top of the pull-down lists, etc). Contact us for more information.

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