Pole Loading Software and Consulting Services for electric utilities, telephone, catv, telecom's and consultants.  

Pole Loading Software  LineDesign Engineering offers Transverse & Vertical Pole Loading Software (pole loading analysis program for overhead pole lines), per the requirements of the NESC, GO95, etc.  Also included in this overhead line design software are column buckling, guying and anchoring calculations. 

Other Software  Additional programs are also available on capacitor calculations, power factor correction, distribution circuit power calculations (kw, kvar, kva, pf), overhead line impedance, per unit impedance, fault currents and transformer calculations.

Notice: The 2007 NESC contains changes to pole loading analysis calculation requirements.  These new requirements have been included in our most recent program update & revision.  The new version of our Pole Loading Software is now available.  If you have purchased our pole loading program in the past, you qualify for the "update pricing". Program updates are free for 6 months from purchase date.  => See the list of revisions & enhancements.

Training  Training on the use of the programs and/or the engineering concepts used in the programs is available.  Please contact us for details.  

Consulting Services  Engineering consulting services are available to check &/or verify your existing or proposed pole loading analysis calculations.  Additional consulting services are available in the following areas:  Overhead line design, conductor sag & tension calculations, conductor blowout calculations, NESC compliance audits, fuse coordination / fault studies, circuit loading, voltage drop analysis, capacitor bank & control recommendations, system reliability indices calculations, system reliability studies & improvement recommendations,  system inventories, inspections, mapping and other miscellaneous engineering services.